Sentinels of the Sea: why NGOs like Mare Liberum are important now more than ever

At dawn, when the first rays of light begin to reflect on the Aegean waters, Mare Liberum’s onboard radio continues to crackle, belching out numbers, coordinates and requests for Turkish Coast Guard (TCG) intervention from the European Coast Guards (ECGs).

Who will be held responsible for these crimes at sea?

The stretch of land connecting Turkey to Europe has long been a zone of migratory transit, and historically was the main route by which early humans coming from the “fertile crescent” of the Middle East.

The sea should know this

Mare Liberum was part of the action to renew the Memorial in Korakas. Now we share some impressions about it in a Video.

Das war kein Unfall!

Sie starben auf Grund der Abschreckungspolitik und des Haftregimes Europas!

Is Afghanistan Europe’s Forgotten War? Not for Europe’s Afghan Refugees

The people of Afghanistan are under attack, and they have been for quite some time.

Angriff auf Solidarität mit Geflüchteten zurückgewiesen

Mare Liberum, der gemeinnützige Verein für Menschenrechtsbeobachtung aus Berlin, betreibt unter dem selben Namen im Ägäischen Meer ein 20 Meter langes Schiff unter deutscher Flagge.

Migrants keep coming to the Greek islands

Most of them arrived on the island of Lesvos, followed by Samos, Kos and Chios. From the 5th to the 12th of August 2019, about 1.400 refugees came to Lesvos on around 26 boats.

“I was like a bird in a cage looking for freedom.”

We chatted with a man who was recently deported from Lesvos to Iraq. The Greek authorities took him from Moria Hotspot Camp to Turkey. From there he was taken to Iraq. It was a tragic experience for Farid.

I tried 13 times before I reached the Greek islands

Our interview partner is a Palestinian psychologist from Gaza. He left Gaza to come to Europe. Currently he lives living in the hotspot camp in Moria on Lesvos. Before he arrived on Lesvos, he was pulled back 12 times by the Turkish coast guard and once even pushed back by German Frontex.

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