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Mare Liberum e. V. monitors the observance of human rights for refugees in the Aegean Sea. With our two ships and from land we document the situation on the dangerous flight route between Turkey and Greece, as well as on the Greek islands. The goal is to document human rights violations, such as pushbacks, and to draw attention to them. In 2020 alone, we were able to count 312 incidents in which 9,798 people were illegally pushed back. Through our work, we aim to strengthen solidarity and fundamental human rights. Mare Liberum is politically and religiously independent and is financed exclusively through donations.

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Suspected murder by pushback

Last week, probably one of the most brutal pushbacks ever documented took place in the Aegean.

A shameful anniversary: 5 years of Europe’s deadly deal with Turkey

On 28th of February 2020, Turkish President Erdogan announced that the border with the EU would be opened. The one-sided opening of the border took place in response to the intensifying civil war in Syria and was seen as a breach of the EU-Turkey-Deal adopted in 2016.

Alarming start to 2021 - Brutal pushback in the Aegean almost every other day

Last year, we recorded 321 pushback cases in the Aegean Sea. This illegal and degrading practice of abandoning refugees at sea has become standard practice by Greek and European authorities in 2020.



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