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Mare Liberum is monitoring human rights in the Aegean Sea with two ships. The aim is to observe, document and draw public attention to the dangerous situation at the European border between Turkey and Greece and to strengthen solidarity and fundamental human rights. Learn more


Lipa is the cruel consequence of the European border politics

Appeal from Balkanbrücke, Seebrücke und Pro Asyl.

Poster Campaign

In order to draw attention to the unbearable conditions on the Greek islands for refugees, the increasingly brutal execution of pushbacks and the resulting human rights violations in the Aegean, we are launching a poster campaign.

Moria 2: Censorship, fear and the loss of freedom of press

Over Christmas, the public focus shifted once again to Europe's largest refugee camp, Moria 2, also known as Kara Tepe.



Become part of our crew! For 2020 we are now only looking for engineers.

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