Pushback Report 2021

Mare Liberum - Human Rights Monitoring in the Aegean

Mare Liberum e. V. documents human rights violations and border violence against people on the move in the Aegean Sea. On the life-threatening escape routes between Turkey and Greece, people are regularly pushed back by authorities with violent means to hinder them from reaching the EU. Through publishing testimonies, we make the voices of affected people visible and fight together to strengthen fundamental human rights. By collecting and publishing data on the general situation in the Aegean we increase pressure on responsible authorities to respect human rights and to hold them accountable for their human rights violations. Mare Liberum is politically and religiously independent and finances itself exclusively through donations.


Pushbacks from the Greek islands and in the Aegean Sea

Violent pushbacks are systematically carried out at European land and sea borders and constitute a fundamental part of the inhumane border regime of the EU. This article summarises eight testimonies of pushback survivors in Greece and contextualises them with public data on pushbacks and migration in the Aegean Sea, to reveal patterns of brutal pushback practices on Greek coasts.

Greece: Violence escalates and repression continues

People on the move are criminalised, journalists intimidated and solidarity structures are increasingly attacked. With repressive laws and criminal charges on flimsy grounds, the Greek government is trying to cover up its human rights crimes and silence critical voices.

Mare Liberum launches new project on land

The human rights activists of Mare Liberum are starting a new project, this time on land. The focus of the new project continues to be the observation of human rights violations and border violence.

Why Turkey is not a “Safe Third Country”

Illegal deportations, lack of protection, and precarious living conditions are commonplace for people on the move in Turkey. Nevertheless, Greek authorities classify Turkey as a safe country for protection seekers. Why Turkey is not safe.


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