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Mare Liberum e. V. monitors the observance of human rights for refugees in the Aegean Sea. With our two ships and from land we document the situation on the dangerous flight route between Turkey and Greece, as well as on the Greek islands. The goal is to document human rights violations, such as pushbacks, and to draw attention to them. In 2020 alone, we were able to count 312 incidents in which 9,798 people were illegally pushed back. Through our work, we aim to strengthen solidarity and fundamental human rights. Mare Liberum is politically and religiously independent and is financed exclusively through donations.

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Frontex as the backbone of fundamental rights violations in the Aegean Sea

Human rights violations at the Greek EU external border and especially the illegal expulsion of people on the move is a daily practice in the Aegean.

“We need to get the kids out of this hell”

Moria 2.0: This is the largest camp in Europe. Nobody knows what's going on. These people inside are human beings and they want is safety – this is what they hope for. They should be cared for – especially the children that are there.

“230 years in prison” – The systematic criminalisation and imprisonment of people on the move in Greece

A person is sentenced to 52 years of prison for allegedly steering a boat from Turkish shores to Greek territory, despite testimonies that contradict this. Another man is sentenced to 146 years for manoeuvring a boat in distress safely ashore, saving the lives of 33 people.

Police brutality in the quarantine section of Moria 2.0

“I don’t do anything wrong. Just that I asked a question. And he [the police officer] starts kicking me. He said I talk too much.” This case of police brutality against a young woman from West Africa took place in the quarantine section of Moria 2.0.



Become part of our crew on land or on the ship! We are currently looking for engineers to work on the engine of Mare Liberum 1.

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