Together with the trainer network GEGENARGUMENT we offer an online training to learn how to deal with Hatespeech and present our project.

All people who are active against Hatespeech and want to inform themselves about the political situation at the external borders of Europe can participate. For participation, a donation of 1-199€ is requested, all donations go to the project Mare Liberum.

To get started, a short definition of hatespeech and what forms of its effects are available. In subsequent exercises, examples from our social media are discussed and approaches to solutions are developed. An input with suitable strategies shows different ways of dealing with hatespeech. Finally, tips are given on how to become active yourself.

In the second part, the Mare Liberum project will introduce itself and discuss the question of what prospects there are for the situation on the ground. The participants discuss the question of which structures can be changed and where you can make a personal contribution.

Please, register at info(at)


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