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About Us

We are a Berlin based non-profit-association founded in 2018 by a transnational collective of activists. With our ship MARE LIBERUM we monitor human rights in the Aegean Sea, mainly off the coast of Lesvos. Our vessel is operated by a crew of five people who combine a variety of skills and knowledge, such as nautical, engineering, media, human rights advocacy, research expertise and experience in search and rescue operations.

Our crew at sea can rely on a back-office structure which provides all necessary administrative work meanwhile engaging in further research and the processing of all our findings from our monitoring activities at sea.

The specific power of our project derives from a wide network of experienced people from various fields: Masters, seawomen and men, craftsmen, those with search and rescue experience, human rights activists in all capacities, lawyers and journalists. On this basis, we are able to execute a well-grounded and investigative monitoring.

We are not belonging to or supported by a political party and are religiously and economically independent. Therefore we are relying on your donations.