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Mare Liberum in Port!

Today, March 11t h Mare Liberum finally moored in a port! The port authorities of Mytilene provided us a place, at least for one day, where they guarantee our safety.

Strong protest against prison camps

Today and also tomorrow Lesvos and the Northern Aegean islands are on general strike as a result of the central government‘s decision to „send riot police to islands of Lesvos and Chios to impose violent transformation of new prisons in defiance of the will of islanders.”

Tensions on Aegean Islands culminate in nationalist General Strike

On Wednesday, 22 January 2020 Mytilene witnessed one of the biggest strikes of the island. Large buses transported people from the villages into Mytilene to take part in a demonstration.

Sentinels of the Sea: why NGOs like Mare Liberum are important now more than ever

At dawn, when the first rays of light begin to reflect on the Aegean waters, Mare Liberum’s onboard radio continues to crackle, belching out numbers, coordinates and requests for Turkish Coast Guard (TCG) intervention from the European Coast Guards (ECGs).

Who will be held responsible for these crimes at sea?

The stretch of land connecting Turkey to Europe has long been a zone of migratory transit, and historically was the main route by which early humans coming from the “fertile crescent” of the Middle East.

The sea should know this

Mare Liberum was part of the action to renew the Memorial in Korakas. Now we share some impressions about it in a Video.

This was not an accident!

They died because of Europe’s cruel deterrence and detention regime!

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