Deadly poison, flipped cars and wet-wipe-hygiene. Why Moria 2.0 needs to be shut down!

After all this time in which we've grown numb to the horrors of Moria and daily reports of violence of the European borders regime, the new camp on Lesvos Moria 2.0 first seemed like another shit camp. But it is more than that: Structural racism has outdone itself. It shows how deeply broken the system is and how there is no (moral) limit on how inhumanely one can treat people who seek protection in the EU.

Where is the camp set up?

The site is a former military shooting range. From the authorities point of view this was perfect: an available area at the shore completly fenced in. But as it has been reported by Al jazeera, Aegean Boat Report and renowned experts, a site like this is most likely highly toxic. We are talking can-kill-children-toxic! There has been gun shells shrapnel or even live ammunition found on site after the refugees were forced to move in, even though it was supposedly cleared! What lays around here brings some serious health-threats: Lead, quicksilver, all-time-favorite uranium and others are very likely slowly killing or permantly damaging peoples health on site. As you read this, children are standing on highly toxic ground ingesting poison in their organs, that will prevent them from ever living a normal life...or a life at all. Sounds dramatic? Check out the case where in 1999 the UNHCR set up a camp for Roma in Kosovo, that was also located on a site heavily contaminated with lead. Yes, it's this dramatic!

Where is the camp located?

Other than the old Moria camp, which was located inland and protected by hills, the new Moria 2.0 is situated right at the shore line. It is exposed to the harsh north winds and the rough seas. To illustrate: In winter time the wind is so strong that cars have been flipped over during storms in that particular area and sea weed is blown over a hundred meter inland. The first row of flimpsy UNHCR summer tents is only 15 meters away from the shore line! They don't stand a chance!

And then comes the rain! And the rains come in heavily at this place of the coast. The gravel ground does not soke up the water puring down. A mediocre autums storm can turn most of the camp into a swimming pool. 'Luckily' flyer telleing the refugees how to dig a trench around the tent so maybe it won't totally flood have been distributed. But as we know: Winter is coming and the worst is yet to happen!

Anything else?

Have we mentioned: no running water, aka no showers or proper hygiene? Wet wipes are the weapon of choice. Too bad if you are a women and forced to live with strangers. And now imagine menstruating and there is only a feces covered toilet! And the list goes on … and on … and on. Barely any electricity, no fires to keep warm, constant fear of Corona, barely any docters and the restriction to leave, because...

Moria 2.0 is a prison! And a terrible prison one might add. From what some refugees have said: In prison one would get at least a bed and regular meals.

Moria 2.0 is another example of the many camps that have emerged from European politics of detriment and that treat refugees in deeply inhuman ways. Also, it is a pilot project for an even worse mistreatment of those, imprisoned at the European borders. Do not make the mistake of thinking oder believing that this disgusting death trap of a camp is built on the incompetence of Greek authorities or the lack of money: This is intended!

If we do not fight for a system that allows people to be granted at least the minimum of decency- internationaly agreed human rights – we do not deserve them ourselves. Do what ever you want with the information – hopefully, instead of lying back on the couch, you decide to get up in anger and to take the protest onto the streets and into parliament! 

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