CommemorAction, 30th October 2021, Lesvos

Today, we are here to commemorate those who lost their lives at sea as a result of the European border regime.

Human Rights group Mare Liberum hampered from monitoring escalation of rights violations in the Aegean Sea

As clear as it gets – Greek authorities misuse their power to keep any witnesses out of areas that have become the main sites for regular border crimes against people trying to reach Europe in search of safety

Mare Liberum is back at Sea

We are once again returning to Europe‘s maritime border in the Aegean Sea: Our crew is currently on their way to the north of Lesvos, where most pushbacks happened in the past.

Pushback Quarterly Q3 2021

Pushbacks in the Aegean increasing dramatically. Despite repetitive documentation of torture and law-breaking, pushbacks in the Aegean Sea don't only continue to happen but accelerate in violence and quantity.

Pushback Quarterly April - June 2021: Illegal Pushbacks in the Aegean increase and arrivals are on a historic low

From April to the end of June 2021, Mare Liberum counted 119 pushbacks in the Aegean Sea, in which at least 3289 people were illegally prevented from reaching the EU. At the same time, it is clear that the practice of systematic pushbacks continues to ensure that very few people reach the Greek islands.

Greece: De facto suspension of human rights for refugees in the Aegean

A new report by the organization Mare Liberum shows an unprecedented escalation of human rights violations in the Aegean during the last year, both at sea and on land.

Pushing back refugees, pushing away witnesses

The Hellenic Coastguard is systematically performing brutal pushbacks to Turkey on a daily basis. Meanwhile, European states have failed to condemn these illegal practices.

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