Crack down on solidarity: Forced to develop new operations

Im Moment können wir unsere Monitoringmission auf See so nicht fortsetzen. Das bedeutet, dass wir einen Schritt zurücktreten werden, um eine neue Herangehensweise an unsere Arbeit zu entwickeln, damit wir weiterhin gegen illegal Pushbacks in der Ägäis kämpfen können.

CommemorAction, 30th October 2021, Lesvos

Today, we are here to commemorate those who lost their lives at sea as a result of the European border regime.

Mare Liberum is back at Sea

We are once again returning to Europe‘s maritime border in the Aegean Sea: Our crew is currently on their way to the north of Lesvos, where most pushbacks happened in the past.

Pushback Quarterly Q3 2021

Pushbacks in the Aegean increasing dramatically. Despite repetitive documentation of torture and law-breaking, pushbacks in the Aegean Sea don't only continue to happen but accelerate in violence and quantity.

August showed a horrific escalation of border violence: Highest number of pushbacks in 1.5 years!

In August we counted 63(!) pushbacks with 1477 people being illegally pushed back by the Greek authorities.

Attempted murder: How the Hellenic Coast guard demonstrates their disregard for human lives

Dass es an der griechisch-türkischen Seegrenze täglich und systematisch zu Grenzgewalt und Menschenrechtsverletzungen kommt, ist schon seit Monaten keine Neuigkeit mehr.

The German Bundeswehr is again on its way to the Aegean to support the NATO mission - and illegal human rights violations against refugees

Letzte Woche verließ die deutsche Fregatte F216 „Schleswig Holstein“ Deutschland, um sich an der NATO-Mission in der Ägäis zu beteiligen.

Sailing in the Aegean

Early in July, six activists came together to take the ‚Mare Liberum 2‘ on a test mission in the Aegean Sea.

“Who is giving these orders?” – the events of a deadly shipwreck

Early in the morning on July 30th a boat capsized northeast of Lesvos at the Greek-Turkish border. Aboard had been 13 people trying to reach Europe.

Indictment regarding the violations by EU politicians, its security forces and FRONTEX to the 1951 Refugee Convention

Case of human rights advocates and inhabitants of the European Union v. EU Politicians, its security forces and Frontex.

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