I just want to get out of this island

Hello, I'm Shaker, I'm from Syria, I'm 23 years old. I left Syria because of the war and decided to come to Europe to live a better life.

Frontex as the backbone of fundamental rights violations in the Aegean Sea

Human rights violations at the Greek EU external border and especially the illegal expulsion of people on the move is a daily practice in the Aegean.

“We need to get the kids out of this hell”

Moria 2.0: Das ist das größte Lager in Europa. Niemand weiß, was hier vor sich geht. Die Personen dort drinnen sind Menschen und wollen in Sicherheit sein – das ist es, was sie sich erhoffen. Es sollte sich um sie gekümmert werden – besonders um die Kinder, die dort sind.

“230 years in prison” – The systematic criminalisation and imprisonment of people on the move in Greece

A person is sentenced to 52 years of prison for allegedly steering a boat from Turkish shores to Greek territory, despite testimonies that contradict this. Another man is sentenced to 146 years for manoeuvring a boat in distress safely ashore, saving the lives of 33 people.

Police brutality in the quarantine section of Moria 2.0

„Ich habe nichts falsch gemacht. Nur, dass ich eine Frage gestellt habe. Und er [der Polizist] fängt an, mich zu treten. Er sagte, ich würde zu viel reden.“ Dieser Fall von Polizeigewalt gegen eine junge Frau aus Westafrika fand im Quarantänebereich des Camps Moria 2.0 statt.

“You are criminals, because you want to kill us” – A pushback testimony

The attempt of 31 people to reach Europe turned into a 5-day odyssey, in which they were severely beaten, abducted from land, their families violently separated, exposed to psychological terror and torture-like methods, shot at with guns and tear gas, and abandoned at sea.

Mass pushback near Lesvos: What happend on April 2nd?

The mass pushback of more than 230 refugees in the night of April 2nd/3rd is a prime example how pushbacks and the lives of migrants are being instrumentalized in the geopolitical conflict between Turkey and Greece.

Pushbacks Quarterly: Continuous pushbacks and escalation in violence in the Aegean

In the first three months of 2021, we have already counted 55 pushbacks cases in the Aegean. 1,479 people tried to cross the sea to Greece and were illegally and in many cases brutally rejected. At the same time, 820 people arrived on the Aegean islands.

Suspected murder by pushback

Last week, probably one of the most brutal pushbacks ever documented took place in the Aegean.

A shameful anniversary: 5 years of Europe’s deadly deal with Turkey

On 28th of February 2020, Turkish President Erdogan announced that the border with the EU would be opened. The one-sided opening of the border took place in response to the intensifying civil war in Syria and was seen as a breach of the EU-Turkey-Deal adopted in 2016.

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