Quarantine Camps - High Risk of Infection

The initial idea that COVID-19 would make everyone equal quickly was misplaced, especially on Lesvos. While race, nationality, gender, and wealth do not physically determine who is most likely to be infected with COVID-19, these factors starkly influence how comfortably and efficiently people can protect themselves from or suffer an infection with the virus.

The deadly border in the Aegean Sea

On June 29th the Turkish Coast Guard picked up a dinghy in distress. The boat had reached Greek waters before but was stopped there by the Hellenic Coast Guard. Instead of rescuing the people from the absolutely unseaworthy dinghy as it would have been their duty, the Coast Guard took away their fuel and pushed the 40 people on board back to Turkish waters.

Is Greece transforming Moria into a closed camp?

Während in der Ägäis seit einigen Wochen pushbacks und gefährliche Standoffs auf See zur gängigen Praxis geworden sind, um Migrant:innen daran zu hindern, Griechenland zu erreichen, erleben wir, dass es gleichzeitig viele Bemühungen gibt, die Insel zu „leeren“ und Geflüchtete zum Verlassen der Hotspot-Lager zu drängen.

Locked down in Hell

While bars, restaurants and hotels are anxiously awaiting the first tourists, refugee camps located on the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea today went into their 4rd round of lockdown lasting until the 5th of July.

New pushback-strategy - How the Hellenic Coast Guard leaves refugees in life rafts at sea

From May 23 to 25 2020 the Turkish Coast Guard rescued a total of 101 migrants from six life rafts in the Aegean Sea.

The legalization of border violence

Systematic human rights violations have become the norm at the EU external borders. Refugees that are trying to cross into Europe are met with extrem violence from the authorities on a daily basis.

Chronology of Incidents on Lesvos

How 20.000 refugees just want to leave and conservative islanders, as well as solidary people want them to travel forward – Everybody for very different reasons.

"My country is not safe to live in"

Interview with Aziz from Afghanistan. We met Aziz in Moria. He spoke to us in German.

There is a secret war on refugees and nobody is looking

It seemed as if everybody was holding their breath in expectance of many boats to reach the Greek islands. A few arrived and then: Nothing!

Pushbacks in the Aegean reached a new level of severity

Pushback of 14 people documented who had reached the shores of Chios already.

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