Chronology of Incidents on Lesvos

How 20.000 refugees just want to leave and conservative islanders, as well as solidary people want them to travel forward – Everybody for very different reasons.

"My country is not safe to live in"

Interview with Aziz from Afghanistan. We met Aziz in Moria. He spoke to us in German.

There is a secret war on refugees and nobody is looking

It seemed as if everybody was holding their breath in expectance of many boats to reach the Greek islands. A few arrived and then: Nothing!

Pushbacks in the Aegean reached a new level of severity

Pushback of 14 people documented who had reached the shores of Chios already.

Fascists coming back to the streets of Lesvos - fight fascism!

After years of being completely left alone by the EU and being pushed to its breaking point and beyond by having to carry the burden of the European migration policy, far right groups and angry locals took control of the narrative.

A month of uncertainty

Migrants on the north shore of Lesvos, Greece.

Testimony: Illegal Pushback by the Greek Coast Guard

We have an eyewitness account of a “pushback” which describes exactly how the “border guards” proceed. The incident happend in March.

Migrants Arriving on Lesvos in State of Exception

Situation of the new arrivals on the island of Lesvos since March 1st, 2020.

Do not Test, Do not See

Whereas containment measures are being put in place on the island of Lesvos, it is surprising that nothing is done for the island's focal point, Moria refugee camp, in case of a COVID-19 outbreak.

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