This was not an accident!

They died because of Europe’s cruel deterrence and detention regime!

Is Afghanistan Europe’s Forgotten War? Not for Europe’s Afghan Refugees

The people of Afghanistan are under attack, and they have been for quite some time.

Court rejects political attack on solidarity with refugees

The human rights monitoring organisation Mare Liberum, registered in Berlin as a non-profit, is operating a 20 meter long vessel under German flag in the Aegean Sea, also called “Mare Liberum”.

Migrants keep coming to the Greek islands

Despite the EU-Turkey deal, migrants continue to set out on the dangerous route to Europe with the aim of a future worth living. According to the NGO Aegean Boat Report 2.198 migrants reached the Greek islands between August 1 and 11.

„I was like a bird in a cage looking for freedom.“

Wir haben mit einem Mann gesprochen, der vor kurzem von Lesbos in den Iraq abgeschoben wurde. Die griechische Regierung verlegte ihn vom Hotspot Camp Moria in die Türkei. Hier wurde er weiter in den Iraq gebracht.

I tried 13 times before I reached the Greek islands

Our interview partner is a Palestinian psychologist from Gaza. He left Gaza to come to Europe. Currently he lives living in the hotspot camp in Moria on Lesvos. Before he arrived on Lesvos, he was pulled back 12 times by the Turkish coast guard and once even pushed back by German Frontex.

Right wing tendencies in Chios and Greece threaten safety of refugees and activists

The island of Chios, located in the Aegean Sea, is the unforgiving ‘temporary’ home of around 2000 refugees. The vast majority of them live in Vial refugee camp, located 6.8km from Chios’ main port and town.

Alarming conditions for refugees in Samos

A team from Mare Liberum recently travelled to Samos.

Mare Liberum sets sail!

Wir sind endlich wieder zurück auf See und nun auf Beobachtungsposten an der Ostküste der griechischen Insel Lesbos, mit Sicht auf die türkische Grenze.

Life-jacket graveyard at Lesbos' North shore

In den Hügeln nahe der griechischen Stadt Molyvos vermitteln zehntausende von Rettungswesten ein Bild davon, wie Migration an der europäischen Außengrenze aussieht. Fast alle davon sind so genannte „gefälschte Rettungswesten“, die in der Türkei für rund 10 Euro verkauft werden.

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