Co-signed statement from Europe Must Act

After countless unheard warnings for years, tonight the worst-nightmare scenario occurred: The completely overcrowded Moria camp has burned to the ground. Over 13,000 people have lost everything, and even though Moria was not their home it was their only shelter.

The fire is a consequence of a European refugee policy that relies on isolation and deterrence. A refugee policy that has killed and left those seeking protection alone in the camps for years. The catastrophe was foreseeable and was deliberately accepted as a possible outcome. The German government would have had the opportunity to alleviate the situation in Moria.

The situation for the people stuck in Moria—most of whom are already traumatized by their escape from the dangers of their home countries, and from being left in the camp for months and years—dramatically worsened in recent days with the outbreak of COVID-19. The camp was placed under a 14-day mass quarantine. As before, the people had no way to protect themselves from infection.

In Germany, more than 170 municipalities, cities and federal states have expressed their willingness, countless times, to welcome refugees for some time now. Thuringia and Berlin have issued state reception orders. However, the Federal Minister of the Interior Seehofer has blocked this solidarity. He speaks of a "European solution", which means nothing other than sticking to the inhuman policies that leave human lives at risk in these camps.

If Europe and Germany do not want to betray their values once and for all, the time of inaction has run out today. These 13,000 people in Moria should have been evacuated long ago, but the German government has so far failed. Thousands of people are homeless since the fire. We demand from the Federal Government to lift its blockade immediately and to arrange the immediate admission of those people to Germany, because: We have space!

Press contact: oder Christian Schmidt (+49-157-35132910)

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