Mare Liberum is advocating for safe escape routes and a right to freedom of movement for all!

Support us in our testimony, documentation and reporting in order to increase the long-term pressure on state actors, to prevent illegal push and pullback actions through our general presence and to expose human rights violations.

We can only continue our human rights monitoring in the Aegean by way of your generous donations. Your donation will contribute to: maintaining our ‘round the clock observations of EU border force operations to ensure that international law is being followed; supporting well-founded, local journalism through investigative and critical research; continuing our fight for human rights and dignity of all persons. We deeply rely on your support. Our crew, whether at land or sea, works tirelessly as volunteers, but we need your financial assistance in order to sustain our operational costs – equipment, fuel, harbour dues, travel costs, back-office research etc.

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Information on Donations

  • Your contribution is tax deductible as a donation. From an annual donation of 200 euros, we will automatically send you an annual donation receipt in the first quarter of the following year. Please include your postal address in the reason for transfer so that we can send you a donation receipt.
  • Donations of up to 200 euros can be submitted to the tax office without proof of donation. In this case it is necessary to submit the payment receipt of the bank transfer as well as an explanation of the charitable purpose and the exemption from corporate income tax.

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