Today, March 11t h Mare Liberum finally moored in a port! The port authorities of Mytilene provided us a place, at least for one day, where they guarantee our safety. We think this is a good sign by the local authorities, to give protection to solidarian people and to not leave the ground to the fascists. Next step would be to also do this for others, mainly for the refugees!

Thanks to all supporters on land! We are on the right track to not leave the island to the fascists! Solidarity stay strong with people on the move.

Since March 2nd, when we were forced to leave port because of a fascist attack, we had been anchoring offshore. We made several unsuccessful attempts to dock in other ports: They were blocked by gathering mobs and the authorities claiming they couldn‘t guarantee for our security, with the generally unsafe situation on the island and the high presence of local and international fascist.

In this current climate it is more important than ever that independent monitoring, documentation and reporting are taking place. We are here to do that, for the rights of people on the move and in support of the solidary people on the island – we will not leave the island to the fascists!

Mare Liberum i. A.

Gneisenaustraße 2a
10961 Berlin