Dehumanisation through pushback

Mare Liberum hat recherchiert, dass seit März diesen Jahres über 8.000 Menschen illegal und unter Anwendung brutalster Gewalt in der Ägäis über die griechisch-türkische Seegrenze zurückgedrängt wurden. Wird über Pushbacks, also das Zurückdrängen von Flüchtenden über eine Grenze durch die europäischen und nationalen Grenzschutzbehörden gesprochen, liegt der Fokus zumeist auf dem rechtlichen Aspekt. Denn jeder […]


The decision against the detention of our ships is valid!

Moria 2.0 - The reproduction of inhumanity

After years of the EU and Greece turning a blind eye, Moria refugee camp on Lesvos burned to the ground on the night of 8-9 September 2020. The underlying structures, however, remain in place and continue to reproduce the injustice elsewhere.

European Values Burned in Moria’s Fire

Co-signed statement from Europe Must Act.

How involved is Germany in illegal pushbacks in the Aegean?

To what extent are German police and Bundeswehr (german military) ships involved in practices that violate international maritime law, the Geneva Convention and applicable EU law?

COVID-19 on the smaller Greek islands

Die Situation in den Lagern auf Kos und Leros ist etwas speziell, da es sich um weitgehend „geschlossene“ Lager handelt. Da die Lager und die Inseln, die sie beherbergen, viel kleiner sind, gibt es weniger Solidaritätsnetzwerke und sehr wenig Informationen über die aktuelle Situation.

How Greece and the EU systematically violate human rights

An overview of illegal and inhumane pushbacks in the Aegean Sea.

500 Million for Deterrence

In July 2020, the European Union granted an additional 500 million Euro to Turkey within the framework of the so-called "EU-Turkey Deal". Over 6 billion Euro have so far been paid to Turkey by the EU since the 2016 deal, whereby EU leaders persuaded the country to support them in “protecting their borders” by forcibly preventing a further influx of refugees.

Quarantine Camps - High Risk of Infection

The initial idea that COVID-19 would make everyone equal quickly was misplaced, especially on Lesvos. While race, nationality, gender, and wealth do not physically determine who is most likely to be infected with COVID-19, these factors starkly influence how comfortably and efficiently people can protect themselves from or suffer an infection with the virus.

The deadly border in the Aegean Sea

On June 29th the Turkish Coast Guard picked up a dinghy in distress. The boat had reached Greek waters before but was stopped there by the Hellenic Coast Guard. Instead of rescuing the people from the absolutely unseaworthy dinghy as it would have been their duty, the Coast Guard took away their fuel and pushed the 40 people on board back to Turkish waters.

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