Poster campaign: Human rights violations happen every day in the Aegean

In order to draw attention to the unbearable conditions on the Greek islands for refugees, the increasingly brutal execution of pushbacks and the resulting human rights violations in the Aegean, we are launching a poster campaign. In this way, we want to draw attention to the situation in the Aegean outside of our usual channels. Spread the word!

There are two different posters for this (each in German and English). The QR code on these leads either to information about the situation for refugees on land or during the crossing over the Aegean Sea.

If you want to distribute or hang up the posters, send us an email to info[at] and we will send them to you or inform you where you can pick them up in Berlin.

Version 1

Version 2

Note: Please hang the posters only in places where you have the express permission of the owners.

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