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Support our mission!

Please donate so we can continue our human rights monitoring in the Aegean. To maintain our day and night observations of operations of EU border forces, enable well-founded journalism through investigative and critical research and continue our engagement for human rights, we deeply rely on your support.

Our crew on board and on land works voluntarily but we need your financial aid in order to sustain our operation – equipment, fuel, harbour dues, travel costs, back-office research etc. Every little donation helps!

Mare Liberum can only stay afloat thanks to your help - get involved now:

Donate an amount of your choice to:

Mare Liberum e.V.
GLS Bank, Bochum
IBAN: DE71 4306 0967 1221 4313 00

Contact us at for a sponsoring membership

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If you have further innovative ideas on how to support our work – through concerts, exhibitions, public talks or something similar, feel free to contact us at

Simplified donation proof in Germany: donations up to 200,- € can be submitted to the German tax office without donation proof. In this case, it is necessary to submit the deposit receipt of the bank transfer and an explanation of the non-profit purpose and the exemption of the corporation tax. Explanation of the simplified donation proof here. If you want us to certify your donation send an email with your name and address to

Become part of our crew!

For our mission in the Aegean in 2019, we are still looking for nautical and technical personnel as well as media coordinators. If you already have experience on ships at sea, worked in media outreach before, are a media-savy person, or if you just have the right attitude that could move the project forward, write an email to including some information about yourself, your skills and how and when you could support our mission!

If you want to join our team beyond being on the vessel, please also contact us with some information how you can imagine to support the project.

We are looking for support for our yardtime in spring 2019. Contact us via