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Your supporting membership helps our witnessing, documenting and reporting. In order to increase the pressure on state actors in the long run, to prevent illegal push- and pullback actions through our general presence and to point out human rights violations, we need your voice. With your supporting membership you ensure that our work can be planned and you support the fight for safe flight routes and a right to freedom of movement for all.

Advantages of a supporting membership

Your supporting membership ensures us a constant support and at the same time that we can continue to sail independently of corporations, parties or the state on missions in the Aegean. You enable us to plan our work, to build up internal structures and staff positions, as well as to maintain our ships through your supporting membership. Furthermore, the supporting membership has the following advantages for you:

  • regular information about our missions,
  • mailing of our annual reports,
  • you can deduct your membership fee from your tax.

The amount can be charged monthly, quarterly or annually. The supporting membership is voluntary and can be cancelled at any time. As an alternative to the online form, supporting membership can also be applied for by mail.

You have questions concerning your supporting membership?

Contact address for supporting memberships: tobias[at]


  • Your supporting membership is a freely chossable, regular contribution and tax deductible.
  • We will send you an annual receipt (if desired) in the first quarter of the following year.
  • The supporting membership can be changed or canceled anytime.
  • All information about the supporting membership at Mare Liberum e.V. you will find in our General Terms and Conditions for Donations.

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