The following text was written by a resident of the camp Moria 2.0 on Lesvos, who chose the alias A&H and was sent to us via messenger. He wants to remain anonymous because of the threat of repression and violence by the police in the camp, but wants to report about the miserable condition on the island of Lesvos.

This is his story:

"If you did not die in war, welcome to your new death in the camps of Europe.

I was a Syrian refugee. I was thinking, that Europe is a place for humanity, [I escaped] war through human traffickers to Europe, I hope for safety.

But when the boat arrived in Europe, it was surprised by a camp called Moria Al-Hujim. [Arabic for hell]

We entered a world that does not have human rights – only on Greek TV.

I had a dream and a dream shattered when I wanted to apply for asylum, a month later I was rejected.

In Moria camp, I did not see [even] one of the employees smiling in our face and saying to us: “Welcome.”

90% of these employees were racists. Here was the first shock.

We went out to a camp at the top of the mountain and built a tent that cost us 230 Euros.

Then I said we have hope and ambition, but all I said is that I see a file for asylum closed, waiting, refusing, or resuming in order to return the file.

I said: Where is our right Europe?

When I got sick I have to wait at the medical point more than four hours or six hours in order to get a medicine, but surprisingly, they don’t give you medicine.

If you are in acute illness or a very serious illness, you should wait more than one to three months for the appointment of the hospital doctor.

After a while, people burned the Moria camp, the number[of people] was more than 300, but the Greek government said that they are five. How is a camp of 5 Kilometers burned by 5 people?

I knew that I was in a dark place, that no press or any free person had the right to enter.

I came out of the camp, but the volcano erupted on us. We ran with nothing, carrying only fear of death.

We went out towards Karatepe. We saw the racists on our way cursing us in Greek and telling us we are bastards. We escaped from the fire, afraid of a fire and also of the racists.

We stayed for 15 days on the street, we had no food, drink, showers, or toilets, despite the sound of bullets and tears, and we did not see the European Union answering us.

We entered the new closed camp, we do not have the power. It is the most dangerous disease in the world, which is Moria camp 2.0.

It is a military place. We are in a very large prison that does not allow us to go out. A place that is all army and police in abundance.

The employees are all racists and also the UN organization is also racist and we have no rights.

You have to wait for food and also for water and medicine.

Where we do not have safety, there are thieves and thefts as well. A month ago, a three-year-old boy was raped [in the camp] 

Everything is bad in this camp, but what one sees is not what one hears.

I hope that the European Parliament will stay 15 days in the Moria camp. They are the ones who judge us. I don’t think they will leave with their full mental strength.

This is a message from a refugee who does not have human rights and who dreams that we have [at least] animal rights.

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