We have to give away our ship. As Mare Liberum e.V. we deployed the equally named ship for human rights monitoring in the Aegean Sea. After various attempts to block the ship, the Greek government finally introduced a law, which makes it impossible for us to use the vessel for this cause anymore. Therefore, we offer it to any good use. Questions can be answered and offers can be made by mail:

The ship is well maintained and ready to sail. It is located on the island of Lesvos but can be brought to wherever it suits a new owner. Ideas of use are: Driving on the sea, SAR-trainings, museum, decoration and place for events on land (like the example of the Beluga), house-boat and many more.

Today's MARE LIBERUM was built in 1917, it celebrated its 100th anniversary in the Aegean Sea. The Ship is in good shape and can look back on a long history. The ship previously was called GO46 and used as a shrimp-cutter in the Netherlands. Later it became a houseboat and six beds, bathroom, kitchen, fridge, heating, freshwater-maker were installed. The energy supply is almost self-sufficient due to a recently installed large photovoltaics equipment and as back-up a strong generator. The mess is comfortable with sofa for eight people as office area and living room. On deck there is space for meetings plus a roof terrace. The RHIB can be hoisted by a very strong winch. Many spare parts and tools are at hand on bord. There are long Range and three VHF radios on board. The technical and safety equipment is up to date for high sea sailing.

In 2014, the vessel was bought by SEA-WATCH a German NGO. Over the years, the ship became not only a symbol of civilian humanitarian engagement but also a witness to failing European migration policy, as the European Union continues to knowingly accept the dying and disappearing of people at its external borders.

After a break, the SEA-WATCH headed back to the Aegean Sea in 2017, where she returned with a new mission as MARE LIBERUM to the migration route between Turkey and Greece.

Mare Liberum i. A.

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