Numerous artists, initiatives and companies provide various prices for our Tombola Against Repression. By donating you can not only support our mission but also win cool prizes.

On the escape route between the Turkish mainland and the Greek islands, serious human rights violations and border violations occur regularly. The entire border region is highly repressive and especially refugees and solidarity structures are criminalized.

Our work is also blocked. After two court cases in Germany, the Greek government is going one step further and criminalizes our work with a new law, making it almost impossible to operate in the region. The list of costs (lawyer's fees, paint for the ship, new life jackets, etc.) is getting longer and longer.

In order to continue to be present on Lesvos, to fight against the behavior of the Greek coast guard, NATO and FRONTEX at the external border, as well as to overturn the new law, we need your support.

Every person whose donation is made in the period from 10th December 2021 to 29th December 2021 will automatically be included in the raffle. To cover the costs related to the preparation of the tombola and the shipping of the prizes, we would appreciate a donation of at least 20 euros.

Participation in the raffle was possible until 29.12.2021 11:59 pm. Here you will find an overview with the winners.

You want to gift one or more tickets for Christmas? Then personalize your donations.

If you would like to gift a raffle ticket for Christmas, you can leave us the following information about the person you would like to gift your raffle ticket: full name, address, date of birth and mail adress in the 'message' field on the donation form or on the postcard.

In this case, the person mentioned would participate in the raffle. The confirmation and the raffle ticket will be sent to the mail address of the donor, while the sending of the price and the notification of a possible win will be sent exclusively to the address indicated in the 'message' field. Please note that only persons over 18 years of age can participate in the raffle.

Information about the tombola

Each person can participate once in the raffle, provided that our conditions of participation are agreed to.

All proceeds from the raffle will be used to realize our statutory purposes.

The chance to win is independent of the number of donations and the amount of donations. Participation in the raffle can also take place without a donation, by sending a postcard to Mare Liberum e. V., Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin.

You have questions about your donation or the tombola?

Please feel free to contact me at any time at tobias[at]

Information for donations and the tombola

  • Your contribution is tax deductible as a donation. From an annual donation of 200 euros, we will automatically send you an annual donation receipt in the first quarter of the following year. Please include your postal address in the reason for transfer so that we can send you a donation receipt.
  • Donations up to 300 Euro can be submitted to the tax office without donation receipt. In this case it is necessary to submit the payment receipt of the bank transfer as well as an explanation of the charitable purpose and the exemption from corporate income tax.
  • All informations concerning donations can be found in our General Terms and Conditions for Donations.
  • Participation in the raffle is only possible if the conditions of participation are agreed to.

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