The following text was written by a resident of the camp Moria 2.0 on Lesvos, who chose the alias A&H and was sent to us via messenger. He wants to remain anonymous because of the threat of repression and violence by the police in the camp, but wants to report about the miserable condition on the island of Lesvos - especially for the children forced to live in the camp.

Moria 2.0: This is the largest camp in Europe. Nobody knows what's going on. These people inside are human beings and they want is safety – this is what they hope for.

They should be cared for – especially the children that are there. Because the situation for the children is the worst. They live the injustice of not having been allowed to go to school for years. The children didn’t know what injustice or suffering is, but in this camp they experienced all kinds of injustice and suffering. They just want to learn and have fun. We need to get the kids out of this hell.

And save them quickly.

90% of the Children currently in the camp have received a rejection of their asylum claim from the government.

When people receive a second rejection, they don’t receive monthly financial or any other support anymore. Kids are cut off too!

They are prevented from biscuits and pretty things.

How do you deprive a child of asylum, how can this be?

Also, many of the children born in Greek camps were refused asylum because Turkey is a ‘country of safety’ for them. How can it be that children, who are born in one country are the ‘responsibility’ of another country?

This child name is Ali and his asylum claim has been rejected 4 times. He is 2 years old and suffers from epilepsy, he is in a terrible situation.
The children born here in Greek camps have all received rejection. The government’s reasoning is that Turkey is a safe country for them.
Look at this child nearly passed out from the summer heat, sleeping with flies on its face.

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